Praying as Sons

Jesus once remonstrated with two of His disciples, James and John, whom he had nicknamed ‘Sons of thunder’, when they suggested to call down fire from heaven to destroy a Samaritan village whom they perceived to be opponents of their mission. On their way through to Jerusalem, Jesus had asked the two to go ahead…

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Further Reflections on Adoption

Adoption is used in the Bible and in everyday life to refer to the transfer of an individual from one family to another. Further, adoption in the Bible connotes the placing of the person so adopted as a ‘son’ in the second family. The key verse is Ephesians 1:5. he predestined us for adoption to…

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Talks of “destiny” have almost become pulpit lingua franca in most Christian circles today. “Steps to maximising destiny”, “contending with ‘forces’ militating against one’s destiny” etc are common topics of sermons and prayer meetings. The golden question is, what is the believer’s destiny? Paul in the Ephesians 1:5 makes a very profound statement that is…

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