In Memory of My Father

On 15th August 2002, just five days after my birthday, my dad was violently snatched away from us in a tragic motor accident. The story was that a runaway tipper truck driver (escaping a police check-point) rammed into the vehicle he was traveling in with another Reverend minister, on their way back from a meeting…

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Dead Men Don’t Pray For The Living

Walking through the British Museum in London, on a rainy Saturday afternoon in November 2016, I came upon this exhibit with the following inscription: Saints are exemplary Christians, many of whom died for their faith. Their shrines attracted large numbers of medieval pilgrims as a way of demonstrating piety and repentance. Many hoped to receive…

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Fake Vs Genuine Conversion II

In the previous article, we established that not all conversions are genuine — not all that glitters is gold. In this second part, we will go on to see the permanent characteristics of genuine conversion as we can glean from Scripture. Counterfeit Conversions In dealing with non-genuine conversions, one can distinguish between two kinds: temporal…

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